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Twicehub Privacy Policy
Last updated: February 14, 2024

Please read through this policy carefully. Agreement with this policy is required for access or use of Twicehub and our services. If you do not agree to this policy you may not access or use Twicehub services or accounts. This policy may change in the future.

Information that Twicehub collects includes:
  • Logging and usage data - Information about you when you access or use of Twicehub is collected automatically including your IP address, your browser information, pages you visit, search inquiries, forum posts, and temporary IDs. Twicehub permanently stores some of this information in an anonymized format for analytics.
  • Cookies and user accounts - You don't need an account to use most of Twicehub, but if you do use an account, Twicehub requires cookies to keep you logged in. Aside from those cookies, the website stores your account preferences such as your user theme and schedule preferences. Account information and preferences are permanently stored but may be deleted upon request.
Information collected by third parties:
  • Embedded sources - Twicehub displays some content automatically from third parties like Instagram and YouTube via embedding them into the event details pages. For example, when you open an event that has an attached YouTube video, the YouTube video will automatically embed itself into the event's details page. The embedded video may collect information about you. Twicehub does not control how third-party services collect data when they serve you their content via these embeds. Due to this, embedded content is covered by the policies of those third parties and not by Twicehub.
Twicehub uses information about you to:
  • Provide and improve our services
  • Personalize our services according to user account and browser settings
  • Provide user support
Information that Twicehub shares:
Twicehub is mostly publicly available, even without an account. If you edit the schedules or post on the boards, information about you may become publicly available including your username and date and time of your contribution.

We may share anonymized information with third parties, for example the percentage of our users that use a specific web browser. We do not sell your personally identifiable information or share it with parties outside of those using Twicehub, except as may be required for legal reasons.

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